A1 Precision Fence Company

A Charlotte, North Carolina Fencing Contractor

A1 Precision Fence Company; Commercial Fencing Contractor

Separation, privacy and security are the main priorities when selecting a fence for your commercial or industrial property.  Looks are always a plus, but for your business, you must have a boundary that is functional and can withstand the effects of the weather.  A-1 Precision Fence Co. can handle large jobs across all commercial and industrial properties.  From construction sites to playgrounds and parks, we will give your employees and customers the comfort and protection they deserve.

A1 Precision Fencing Commercial Services and Products:

  1. Commercial & Industrial Fencing Installation
  2. Commercial & Industrial Fence Repairs
  3. Aluminum Fencing
  4. Chain Link Fencing
  5. Vinyl Coated Fencing
  6. Gates
  7. Privacy Fencing
  8. Security Fences
  9. Steel Fencing
  10. Wood Shadow Box Fencing

The personal relationships we develop with our customers during our jobs are key, along with the ability to give commercial fencing customers what they ask for and more.  We stand behind our services and can ensure quality results every time.  Contact A-1 Precision Fence Company. today and receive the best in fencing care.

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