A1 Precision Fence Company

A Charlotte, North Carolina Fencing Contractor

A1 Precision Fence Company; Chrlotte, North Carolina Residential Fencing Contractor

There is nothing more satisfying than spending time with your family in the safety and the seclusion of your own backyard.   Protect your property with a fence of the highest quality.  It may be a boundary that is only 3 feet high, or it may be a privacy fence reaching 6 feet.  This being an important family issue, we at A-1 Precision Fence Company. are here to help you.  We have always had an A+ rating with 100% rate satisfied customers, and we intend to keep it that way for years to come.

A1 Precision Fance Provides:

  1. Residential Febcing Services
  2. Fence Installation
  3. Fence Repair
  4. Wood Fencing
  5. Aluminum Fencing
  6. Steel Fencing
  7. Vinyl Fencing
  8. Chain Link Fencing
  9. All fencing products are guaranteed.

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The personal relationships we develop with our customers during the job are key, alongside the ability to give them what they ask for and more.   We stand behind our services and can ensure quality results every time.  Contact A-1 Precision Fence Coompay today and receive the best in fencing care.

A-1 Precision Fence Co. is a Small Business Enterprise.